Choosing a WordPress Freelance Webmaster

Why create a website and reference it?

Expert advice

We are an expert freelance webmaster agency, specialized for more than 10 years in the creation of wordpress website, the design of online sales site and SEO.

Digital presence

As a Freelance Webmaster in Paris, we know how to implement a strategy to ensure your digital presence.

Increased profits

When you have more visibility on the web, you necessarily detect an increase in profits. Whether it is for an E-commerce site or a showcase site

Any company that wants to be successful must ensure a place of choice on the Internet. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to make your company known to a large number of people without having a digital presence. For this, the creation of an online sales site, a showcase site and the natural referencing of this website with the support of an SEO consultant are therefore a necessity to increase its virtual reputation.

However, this task requires a certain know-how and an attentive ear. You therefore need an experienced professional who will help you acquire new customers and retain them through the Internet. He or she will also help you improve your company’s image, as well as relations with suppliers and customers.

In general, business owners turn to web agencies that are often very expensive. However, they would gain a lot by looking at a freelance WordPress webmaster or web developer.

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Why choose a freelance webmaster?

It is quite normal to have doubts between a web agency and an independent webmaster. Generally, entrepreneurs use agencies because they seem to provide more guarantees. Which they also charge a lot for. However, a freelancer is just as qualified as the agency professionals to carry out the digital projects entrusted to him. Moreover, the services of a freelance WordPress webmaster are on the whole more advantageous.

The satisfaction of a job well done

Web agencies rely heavily on client satisfaction, but freelancers depend on it. In fact, the freelance business relies heavily on recommendations from their clients to others.
Thus, a freelance webmaster cannot afford to destroy in one service the reputation he has spent years to acquire. For that, he aims above all the satisfaction of his customers. Contrary to the agencies which have the possibility of resorting to the paid publicity, the independent must cling to the friendly relations and the network which they created. But one dissatisfied client has the power to ruin their network.
That’s why their first concern is the success of the service. Thus, with a freelance webmaster, you have a greater guarantee of success.

Direct support with the developer himself

When you contact an agency, it then entrusts your project to the right person. In fact, you rarely have the opportunity to be in direct contact with the person who is actually in charge of your site. This is not the case with a freelancer. Working on his own account, he is usually your only interlocutor. He is often more flexible and better able to make changes. He is also more proactive and does not hesitate to contact you at the slightest problem. In the interest of efficiency, he will be more inclined to make proposals and find alternatives that will be more advantageous to you.

Very interesting prices

You probably have doubts about the price of an agency service. It is higher than that of a freelancer. Not because the service is of lower quality, but rather because of the higher costs of a web agency.
With their own equipment and no employees to pay, freelancers can afford relatively low costs which will be reflected in your bill.
While an agency charges you an average of 500 €/day, the freelance webmaster will only charge you 300 €/day. Assuming that it will take 15 days to get your project up and running, you will only pay 4500 € instead of 7500 €. A considerable gain!

Deadlines are always met

You should know that freelancers do not count their hours. They are able to work until midnight to meet deadlines.

But agency employees count their hours. They will manage to be on time, but they have fewer hours spent on your project. Not to mention that your satisfaction is at the heart of the freelancer’s work and he will make the necessary sacrifices to meet your expectations.

Why trust a freelance WordPress webmaster

Are you planning to create a WordPress website? Are you looking for an exceptional Webmaster or SEO consultant who can take into account your guidelines? Don’t panic! You are now at the right address. Contact us now.
To serve you, our team will meet your needs. Composed of two specialists in website creation, adwords advertising and natural referencing, our agency is the best solution for your project. We offer since 2008 our services of Webmaster while improving our skills through training, coaching and reading.
With our experience in the field of web design, we are committed to developing a website for you. The structure of the latter will allow you to easily implement a powerful and solid marketing strategy for organic referencing also called SEO. The latter will help you increase your visibility on the Internet and our SEO consultant will accompany you to buy backlinks.
Indeed, we make the success of your company our priority. For this, we implement all our knowledge to create a website capable of attracting the necessary traffic to improve your positioning on search engines and therefore your visibility.
We offer, among other things, graphic services, configuration of sites under WordPress, natural referencing, maintenance, development in HTML, paid referencing and google my business referencing.
As a freelance webmaster, our goal is to help you gain as many customers as possible through your website and to fulfill all your expectations in this sense. For example, we realize the creation of website Artisan and Restaurant allow our customers to increase their visibility and highlight their expertise. Discover the advantages of creating a website for his restaurant.

The quality of your website

Before starting the development of your site, we offer you a drawing of it in order to give you a preview. We will then discuss with you the number of pages, the type of menu, the simplicity and the hierarchy of your site. So many parameters that make the quality of a site. All your comments will help us to provide you with quality work.

The ergonomics of your website

Ergonomics plays an important role in the quality of the site. And the secret of good ergonomics is sobriety. That’s why we offer you a simple, clear and uncluttered site. We will make sure that navigation is easy, because visitors hate to waste time.
We will help them to find what they are looking for quickly. Finally, we will also have to make good use of animations, highlight new features, encourage the visitor to contact you and mark the site with a key phrase related to your business.




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