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Do you need a showcase website Phuket service ? We intervene in the creation of WordPress website. Our web agency is specialized in the development of marketing strategies adapted to your needs and also offers you a general follow-up in communication. Whether you are a craftsman, a company, a merchant or an association operating in any field of activity, we are ready to satisfy you. Our services aim at improving your image and increasing your audience on the Internet thanks to the creation of a WordPress showcase site or an online sales site.

The possibilities that a website offers you today are enormous. It is a reliable option to show your targets your different offers through the Internet.

Offer yourself a package for the creation of WordPress website that meets all your expectations


This package consists of a professional website, a name of your field of intervention, precise indications on your location, an email address on which you will be reachable and a team ready to accompany you permanently. With a web agency like ours, rest assured that you will benefit from a quality service that fits perfectly with the current requirements. 

You will have your own wordpress website as you want it. You will be the owner and you could easily get all the licenses that give you such a title. It is not about giving you a showcase website, but rather building it for you and with you. You will be able to easily decide how you want to use it and we will then take care of giving you the means to do so thanks to the professionalism of our agents. By combining the expertise of our WordPress freelance webmaster and our SEO consultant, you will ensure increased visibility on the internet. 

Our commitment to the creation of your WordPress website
Whether you want to create a showcase site for craftsmen or a showcase site for restaurants, we are committed to being by your side to accompany you in your various marketing strategies. It is the same for your needs in market analysis and bench marketing. We are the reference you need to make your image shine on the Internet. The sites that our team puts at your disposal are SEO referenced in a natural way. 

They are also accessible with all types of browsers: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc. This feature opens the doors to a wide range of customers and this, for the good of your business. Your sites are also made accessible to Internet users who use Androids, tablets, smartphones and connected TVs to browse. This precaution aims to facilitate the maximum attendance of your site to various target users. 

showcase website phuket

About SEO after the creation of your WordPress Showcase website Phuket

Once your website is operational, it is also operational with Yoast. Our team is complete and allows you to have the best services from a web agency. It is equipped with graphic designers, SEO professionals and, above all, a highly qualified team of webmasters known for their competence. 

Basic Seo of the showcase site :

  • optimized source code
  • worked meta-tag
  • internal linkage
  • semantic optimization of the text
  • strong tag on keywords
  • alt tag on your photos
  • set up of the sitemap

Our SEO consultant accompanies you to buy backlinks to increase your visibility. 

For all your needs related to the web, do not lose a single moment. Entrust us your needs and we will become your best ally. Trust our ability to satisfy you and let us do what is necessary to propel your business. 

Review the website design and set goals

Our interventions are mixed and balanced. They combine perfectly web design, editorial, webmarketing and web development. Our rates are competitive and allow you to have a quality service. 

The idea is to allow you to enjoy the performance of digital to revolutionize the operation of your business. The websites that are proposed to you will have a positive and lasting consequence on your business and will allow you to boost your sales effectively. You also have the possibility to generate quality leads and to impact your image on the web. 

wordpress website phuket

Digital designs that promise to grow your business

Improve your sales and give more pleasure to different users with the creation of WordPress showcase site. Make sure you set up a top quality website, usable by all and gain the trust of your targets in a sustainable way. Do not hesitate to contact us now and check our news on the blog.
Your website must be displayed in responsive design
SEO alone is not enough to get you better visibility. You also need a responsive design that will be applied to your website. Thus, your site will be present and accessible through all digital channels. The audience that you are able to reach will therefore be much wider and you will have more chance to find new customers.
Allow all Internet users to visit your WordPress website without any difficulty. Whether they have different browsers or devices of a certain characteristic, also offer them the possibility to browse your offers easily via the Internet.
The importance of the cell phone in today’s world is no longer to be proven. You should therefore set up your website to allow visitors to have easy access. Do not see this precaution as an add-on or a detail. It is also important and you should understand that it is important to plan for this now. This way, you add to your marketing strategy and stand out from the competition.
A website that perfectly integrates the WordPress CMS for better performance
The WordPress CMS has not finished edifying us. Its functionalities are more and more appreciated because of the facilities it offers. When you integrate it to your website, you make it a real exchange tool. We have the expertise in this field. So let us satisfy you. A website that integrates wordpress has many elements.

Our services always take into account your requirements to produce unprecedented results.

build website phuket

photo/video library

contact form website

contact form

backoffice wordpress

easy access to a powerful back-office

seo wordpress phuket

yoast seo installation and basic settings

responsive design phuket

responsive template to make the website accessible for any type of screen

making website phuket

additional functionality to add plugins that will be used to automatically generate invoices or manage quotes

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