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Are you looking for seo agency Phuket ? Do you have a website ? Would you like to boost the visibility of your site ? Buy backlinks? If so, SEO techniques are the best way to achieve this. With the support of an SEO consultant, you will be able to master these techniques and use them to your advantage. For a whole year, the expert will be fully available to give you the best advice on positioning strategy. Contact our seo agency Phuket today

Why hire a SEO agency in Phuket ?

After implementing the creation of your wordpress website or your online store, it is important to understand the role of the SEO consultant. Indeed, it is a professional specialized in SEO techniques. His objective is to offer his clients optimization solutions, in order to allow them to naturally increase the traffic of their site. To do this, he advises them and provides them with recommendations. The expert also accompanies his clients in the organization of their SEO strategy and especially in the follow-up of the results or the performances generated and the ROI.
It is possible to divide the interventions of the SEO consultant into two parts.

First, this professional deals with strategies for SEO « On-site » optimizations. This is an activity that consists of acting on certain elements of a website to improve them. We can mention, for example, the technique, the architecture, the internal links, the editorial lines and the semantics.
In a second step, the SEO expert also intervenes to provide « off-site » SEO optimization leads. Here, he connects the client’s site with other sites with similar themes, using techniques such as netlinking or linkbuilding. This method is an effective way to drain natural traffic.
After the implementation of the « on site » and « off site » optimization strategies, the consultant also helps his clients to analyze the results concerning the visibility or the positioning of the site, the traffic, the possibilities of increasing the conversion rate and the turnover.

The services of an SEO consultant

In practice, the consultant performs the SEO audit of the client’s site. In fact, he performs the analysis of the activities on the site. Then, he proposes plans of referencing, on the short term, the medium term and long term so as to form according to the attributes of the site the optimal strategy for the positioning. He also offers to the customers who wish it a personalized accompaniment on the techniques of referencing of the site and the referencing google my business.
If you wish to obtain the 1st position in the Google search engine taking into account your sector of activity, our agency will assist you in this quest. You will have at your disposal an SEO consultant. Do not hesitate any more and ask for a quote by clicking on the appropriate button.

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Why use our seo consulting services in Phuket ?

For the simple reason that its main role is to attract free and qualified traffic to your website. His ultimate mission is to improve the visibility of a site through its positioning on the first search engine Google and also on all other search engines.
The service of an SEO consultant generally lasts 12 months during which he puts himself at your entire disposal.
The SEO expert who knows his job must be able to analyze regularly the visits of the site as well as the conversions of the Internet users. He must be able to apply the techniques of natural referencing by taking into account certain points:

  • the domain of the site and the DA PA authority page
  • the semantic structure ;
  • the contents ;
  • the writing ;
  • the markup ;
  • the meta description ;
  • internal and external links.

Whether you have a small or large business, you should hire an SEO consultant to improve their digital presence. He uses real digital and marketing strategies to brand the company’s presence on the internet and also enable the companies to achieve significant sales.
The SEO expert takes care of the technical side, semantics and netlinking. He also gives sound SEO advice and accompanies his clients until the first results are obtained. The most important thing for such a professional is to make sure that the strategies he implements are in line with the vision and objectives of his clients. Therefore, you can be sure that the solutions will be up to your needs and within your resources.
Another reason to trust our freelance webmaster and SEO consultant is the technological watch. During this constant monitoring, the specialist makes sure to implement the latest SEO criteria for an effective result. In order to stay informed of these criteria, he proceeds to the analysis of semantic fields referential so that the writers have access to a precise editorial briefing. Use an SEO consultant to generate traffic to your site. Contact our web agency for a personalized quote.

With our SEO agency Phuket, each action brings you a little closer to the result

The consultant assists his clients in increasing their digital visibility and in optimizing their SEO strategy. It should be noted that Google’s algorithms are quite complex and changing.
The consultant is therefore the reference interlocutor to keep up to date with the trends on the optimization of a website. Thanks to his experience on the web, he has the necessary skills and hindsight to attract Internet users to a website in all transparency. Thus, it allows the websites and e-commerce to be attractive. Your SEO expert will be able to implement your various recommendations. 

An  SEO consultant is the only one who can provide personalized support

In general, the SEO consultant offers his services to people who do not know the basics of digital marketing. In the field of website optimization, he uses all his know-how to help them boost their visibility. He also focuses on monitoring all the variable elements of digital.
With qualified partners, he intervenes in France and everywhere else. He can therefore easily assist his clients in solving their problems (marketing, technical and editorial).
Contact an SEO consultant and you can improve your positioning on the first search engine Google.
Would you like to learn more about some technical terms? 

What is an SEO audit?

This is the first step of any SEO strategy that wants to be relevant. Through this action, the consultant can get an idea of all the problems that undermine a website. These can be technical, editorial or netlinking problems, among others. The SEO audit can be divided into several categories according to the type of problems: technical audit, semantic audit and popularity audit.

What is keyword research?

It is a study that advocates the identification of the semantic axes at the origin of traffic and conversion of Internet users. During this research, which is very important for the SEO consultant, it is possible to determine certain data such as the competition, the volume of searches made, and the complexity of the keywords. At the end of this study, some keywords will be selected to be worked on to help develop the netlinking strategy.

What is SEO coaching?

It is simply the management of the entire SEO strategy of a site. It can be carried out over a period of 6 to 12 months and cover a multitude of services such as netlinking and keyword research. The extent of this support depends on the problems identified at the time of the SEO audit, the resources of the client and his expectations.

How to understand netlinking and digital popularity?

Once the « on-site » referencing is done, it is necessary to move on to netlinking which is not really natural. This technique consists in acquiring external links coming from other sites with a high popularity in order to obtain more traffic, a higher index of trust and a good theming of the pages. All these results will contribute to the increase of the visibility and the natural positioning of the site.

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